Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

I've always loved this pattern. Truth be told, the dress' lines are really fairly simple, but I think that the styling in the photo is what attracts people to it. The details are kind of interesting, too.

In reading the verbage on the left, they call it "McCall's Twins' Two in One Pattern." Who are the twins? Without today's photo editing possibilities, these actually are twins on the cover, because it says it -- right before it says that their hairpieces and hairstyle is by the Kenneth Salon. They even include the instruction sheet on how to create the hairstyles -- sadly, my pattern is missing that sheet, and I'd LOVE to see it.

So, who is Kenneth? I went searching, and found that Kenneth Salon has some pretty swanky history. Kenneth's first claim to fame was that in 1954, he did the hairstyling for a newly wed Jacqueline Kennedy. Apparently, he was a stand in for her regular stylist, but it turned her into a regular customer. He styled all of the Kennedy's hair on the day of JFK's inaugaration. (I presume he means JFK's immediate family, not the extended clan!) Kenneth is actually the one who created Jacqueline's bouffant hairdo. He also worked extensively with none other than Marilyn Monroe, and even styled her hair for her last photo shoot. Kenneth's book, if he ever chose to write one, would be a really interesting one to read, I'm sure. Can you imagine the chats he had? He's still styling hair today, so if you want to get the goods, I'm sure you can chat him up, for a price.

I'm interested to see if I can find any more McCall's Twins patterns. I've never found one. Have you?


  1. I have some old Ladies Home Journal and Family Circle with advertisements with "Kenneth" promoting hairspray or something of the sort.
    I would love to dish with him!
    I will keep an eye out for the patterns!

  2. Just came across this online. Those are not twins. The model on the left is 60's icon Jean Shrimpton, who did not have a twin. Not sure of the name of the other model. If I find it, will post it in a comment.