Monday, November 16, 2009

Speaking of weddings..............

No one loves a good wedding more than me. Maybe it's in part because my own wedding darned near didn't happen, or because we had to change the location and time of the wedding the night before, but I do love a good wedding.

The Fontana story of the other day came at an interesting time. Just after doing that story, I joined a Facebook group for Dovima fans, and started browsing the photos there. Dovima was just beyond awesome, as far as models are concerned. Her poses were perfect. I doubt there will ever be another one like her, and certainly not anyone with that kind of grace in front of the camera.

So whilst I was perusing the pictures, I came across the one at the left. Turns out one of the members of the Facebook group has a mother who just happened to have none other than Dovima as her maid of honor at her wedding (on the left). Again, can you imagine? I considered myself lucky to get down the aisle in one piece, and now I've found not one but two brides were had the good fortune, and good connections to have a special object of beauty in theirs. Jealous!

And while we're at it, another photo of Dovima, with the elephants doing the hokey pokey while she turns herself around. Cause that's what it's all about.

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  1. I too adore Dovima! I did not know there was a Facebook group for her-thanks for this lovely post!