Saturday, November 7, 2009

Short, but interesting.......

This video is short and sweet, but it sure brings a lot of questions on board!
  • Do you cut out your patterns on the floor, especially whilst the kids are in the room?
  • Is your family this quiet? I find the whole thing a little Stepford wives, frankly.
  • Don't you love her dress? It's classic 1962, and I'm sure it's probably a Butterick pattern too.
  • What is that little boy doing in the background?
  • What is the pattern number on that Butterick? I'm dying to know if I have it.

    1. I'll give it a whirl.
      1. Only large pieces. I haven't done it in awhile (since my kids were mobile) but I would say no. they would want to crawl over the pieces (no, they are babies anymore)
      2. Wasn't the sound off? *gasp* My family is never this quiet.
      3.I love the dress.
      4. Playing with a truck?
      5. Cannot see it :(

    2. 1.- Most of the times I do.
      2.- My family is very small, and normally I sew at night when they are sleeping because it is my therapy from stress of the day work.
      3.- I love her dress!
      4.- I didn't pay attention even if I had seen this video before.
      5.- I didn't see it.