Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shirred-ly goodness and MERCY!

I've seen some patterns for dresses that could be considered Oscar-worthy, but this one takes the cake. I will be the first to say that I'm getting rather weary of the strapless gowns that have been the standard for the last several years, but this one is simply fabulous. I see it and think of Deborah Kerr, which is always a good thing.

I suppose that all that shirring would mean that my fingers would be worn to the bone, but look at the difference it makes! The strapless neckline could be boring, but who's looking at her clavicles? I can't take my eyes off the gown.

Personally, I would choose the draped shoulder scarf. I'd veer from my normal love of red, because I think red would be too much. I think it would be gorgeous in dove grey or a soft blue, as shown, but I could even see it in this season's neutrals, like a nice mocha. With white opera gloves. No necklace, just pearl drops. And a great pair of Jimmy Choo's, like these.

Pattern: Vogue Couturier Design 771, from 1951


  1. I am oohing and aahing and gasping!

  2. Thebluegardenia.com has that pattern for sale and it is gorgeous. I would love to sell it to you!