Sunday, November 1, 2009

Come Fly Away

Remember when flying was an event? I remember when we would dress up for a flight -- no yoga pants or jeans, I mean a dress or a suit. Flying wasn't something that was done every day, and it was treated as such.

I remember what may've been the last time I "dressed" for a flight. It was in the summer of 1984, and I was going to San Diego for a conference with two of my friends, both of whom thought I was out of my tree, but I didn't care. It was a white linen suit with an A line skirt and a cropped jacket. I felt good, and was perfectly comfortable, whilst my friends sat next to me in their jeans.

Granted, I didn't have the gloves and the faux fur that our little lady here does, but then again that was in another time, when Pan Am was still flying. Heck, today, you'd have to check that second bag, and they'd probably make you remove that fabulous hat in security. ::sigh::

It's a time long gone, but sadly missed by those of us who remember. And so, when my husband and I head to Florida this Christmas, maybe I'll dress for that flight, just for old time's sake.

From Vogue Pattern Book, Nov/Dec 1960. Pattern: Vogue 4146.


  1. I still dress for my flights - my husband thinks I'm slightly nuts, but he understands my ways. My family thinks it's a hoot, but they're all a bit eccentric. People at the airport - I don't know what they think. I usually see amusement on people's faces, the flight attendants... I enjoy it.

  2. A couple of years ago, I was at a wedding anniversary party, and in the background they were running old home movies of this and their family. One of the shots was of them taking their first airplane ride. Everyone was dressed to the nines-kids included!
    It was such a big deal to take a plane-now we take it for granted and forgot how special it is for some people.

  3. I used to dress for travel, then after 9/11 it just got to be too much! Standing there, trying to quickly take of my lovely starry heels, then of course the garter belt will set the alarms off, so I had to get wanded with the TSA agents saying, ":what are you wearing under there?" I do miss it though...the good old days.