Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What to wear in 1939

I just thought I'd show you what you'd have worn on a special night out, in 1939. As if the bodice and waistline aren't fabulous enough, just look at that trumpet hem, complete with a train. And the jacket? With fur trim? Wow! I'm seeing it in velvet, but I'd substitute marabou (though my cat would eat it). This is an outfit that definitely requires some attitude to carry it off.

I suspect that this lovely was probably greatly influenced by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (who purportedly did NOT like being called The Queen Mother). She was quite a fashion plate. I once found a lace overdress with this skirt's shape. I didn't have the underdress, but the lace was lavender and in pristine condition. It photographed wonderfully, especially with, and I'll say it again, that trumpet hem. At the time, someone showed me a photo of the Queen Mother in a similar gown and amazingly, she was able to pull it off, despite her shorter stature. My lace overdress is now in, of all places, Israel, where hopefully the buyer loves it as much as I did.

Meantime, I'll take this one in powder blue, with midnight blue velvet jacket. Marabou trim? Optional. Attitude? Not so much.

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