Monday, October 5, 2009

What a difference a (fabulous) jacket makes

It took me reading the caption of the article where I found this photo to realize that this is the same dress in both pictures.

It's from Traina-Norell's Spring, 1950 collection, and I think it's just to die for. Look at that jacket! With the jacket, that outfit is lunch out with the ladies. Take it off (left) and it's pure Other Woman. I'm imagining it in navy and white -- red would be too overwhelming, methinks.

And yes, the model is Dorian Lee, an icon of modelling, whose life was pretty darned interesting: five marriages (four if you don't count the one that was annulled), bearing the child of a "man who was not her husband", owning a modelling agency, becoming a restauranteur, and putting it all into a book called The Girl Who Had Everything. This, in addition to her books on doughnuts and pancakes! This girl's life had more variety than Dunkin Donuts! Her book one will be next on my reading list.

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