Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Probably my favorite movie garment

Yes, I know that Philadelphia Story has some of the more beautiful costumes in history, so I risk sounding cliche in mentioning this. Add the fact that the costumes were done by Adrian who, much to my dismay, never received an Oscar for costuming, and it really sounds unimaginative. But look at this dressing robe!

I think that you have to see it in this scene to see why I love it so. It's all about the sleeves. The belt does make Katherine Hepburn look pin-thin, and yes, when you look at it overall, it has a Princess Leia-ish feeling to it, but the sleeves.........
They have such beautiful movement as she gestures in this scene that I fell in love instantly. I would love to have this robe, in silk, please. With the accompanying champagne, of course.

And, you ask, why is it that Adrian never received an Oscar? Bad timing. The Oscar for costume design did not exist when he was working in Hollywood. That doesn't stop him from being an inspiration to man in Tinsel Town, nonetheless, but if someone started a campaign for a posthumous Oscar, I'd sign it.


  1. My favorite from this film has always been the gown she wears to the rehearsal dinner

  2. Adrian's goal I think with the costuming was to show Katharine Hepburn as a goddess -- light colors, flowing designs. Then the plot line was to knock her off her pedestal, eventually into Cary Grant's arms.