Friday, October 2, 2009

Mod Legwear

I love these two outfits. First of all, the hat is fabulous. The sleeve treatments are wonderful, and the fit and the collars are perfect, too. But what I really love is tights.

Panty hose and stockings are almost always in style, but tights have a love affair that seems to come and go. Tights are a wonderful way to perk up an outfit, and they can actually thin thick legs. Pair 'em with the hat & boots in the picture on the left, and you have a smashing outfit. Sure, Nina Garcia would call it too matchy matchy, and maybe it is. And it surely is a little Lady Gaga, with its pantless-ness, but I love the look anyway. I think that dress looks totally comfortable -- it may even be a bit like what Claire McCardell would've designed, had she lived to this area. Do you agree?

On the right, add some yellow stockings, and you've got a fresh look -- I wish I could see the shoes she's wearing, don't you?

From McCall's New York Designer Fashion Catalog, 1967

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