Thursday, October 1, 2009

Man Tailored Shirts

First of all, she's got Bette Davis eyes, huh?

There's nothing like a little Peter Pan collar blouse, I will admit. This one, from Reid & Reid, is from 1950. Gotta say, I would like to see the entire outfit, because I'm not wild about the print, nor the hat that's been thrown into the mix. To me, Peter Pan collars have a more casual vibe than what this hat evokes. I also wonder what color the blouse is, but the biggest distraction here is the claw hand on the left. Creepy!

On the other (right) hand, there is nothing like a wing collar blouse to speak of glamour. This one, from Brooks Brothers, is no exception. I see it in champagne or pale blue. She may've even been able to carry off the hat with this blouse, though it may've thrown her over the edge, accessory-wise.

This is a case of the blouse making the difference between being in the secretary's pool or being in the board room.

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