Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goin to the Chapel

I love this dress. It reminds me of my mother's 1953 wedding dress. They have very few wedding photos, and all a bit blurry and inadvertently double exposed by my uncle, but this is the dress as I imagine it looked. Add my mom's cateye glasses and you've got it.

Her dress, sadly, was donated to the Salvation Army shortly after the wedding, when it was left alone with my grandpa. Can you imagine? My own wedding dress, from 1987, is safely tucked into my bedroom closet, though I have no idea who would ever wear it, in all its ruffled silk organza lovelieness. Maybe one day I'll figure out something special to do with it -- I've imagined making ring bearers' pillows, christening gowns, or something else that's meaningful to my kids, but in the end, I always chicken out and tuck it back into the box.

Where's your wedding dress? What did it look like?

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