Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Space Age

I was copying some pages from an old pattern catalog the other day. A customer had been looking for a certain group of patterns from 1965, and I finally found it amongst my huge collection of pattern catalogs. Turned out that the patterns were Courreges, from a collection he made for McCalls for the Fall/Winter edition of the pattern book. Groovy stuff it was.

Andre Courreges studied under Balenciaga, but once he struck out on his own, he found a style all his own. Where Balenciaga started with the sleeve, and designed from there, Courreges' style was named Space Age, for its unique style and materials. It was the beginning of mod, as we remember it, and it was some pretty fantastical stuff. The clean lines meant that it worked for the masses -- unless you looked at his cutout styles, meant to be worn bra-less and bare. Here, enjoy a couple of patterns from the McCall's Courreges collection, and a groovy video I found that is a montage of Courreges that is nothing short of spectacular.

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  1. Very interesting post! There's an image of the pattern for the double-breasted suit pictured here:'s_7936

    Does your pattern book state that the group of patterns was designed by André Courrèges, or are the designs simply meant to give "the look of Courrèges"?

    I ask because, as you can see, the designer's name does not appear on the pattern envelope (unlike similar McCall's designer patterns)... Though this does nothing to detract from the patterns' grooviness.