Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One degree of separation

It is said that Ceil Chapman designed Elizabeth Taylor's trousseau, for her first wedding to Nicky Hilton. Liz was just 18 years old, and wore this beautiful dress on May 6, 1950, when she entered not-so-eternal bliss that lasted only nine months. Now, I have generally thought of a trousseau as the going away outfit and such, and not always the wedding dress itself. If this is indeed a Ceil, it's not got the typical draped bodice look that she was known for, but hey, it's Elizabeth Taylor at her prime, so I'm ok with that.

I wonder what happened to the dress after the divorce.

Shortly after the divorce, Mamie Van Doren, a newly appointed sex goddess in Hollywood, found herself in need of a date for a film opening. Who did she land with, but Little Nicky who, nine months after his wedding, and at the age of twenty three, found himself divorced from Dame Elizabeth. And who would dress his new date? None other than Ceil Chapman herself!

Apparently all of this drama was too much for poor Nicky, who died in 1969, at the age of 42.

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