Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashions for fingers

Gloves were considered "correct" when found in solid colors and classic styles, but in 1952, colors and patterns began finding their way into the glove industry. 1951 actually was the beginning of the introduction of elbow length cottons and cotton copies of striped French gloves.
Note these interesting styles.

The curved glove was created in an attempt to avoid those deep creases in the arm, caused by bending the elbow with heavy opera length gloves. The curved glove shown on the left (in photo below) is by Desses. To the right is a glove by Mr John that features a slit on the straight side, where the hand is inserted.

The appliqued butterfly glove was actually designed by a 15 year old. The leather piped gloves (left) were by Van Raalte, and came in colors to match the spring shoe styles. My personal favorite are the striped cuffed gloves, below, by Dawnell. They were higher maintenance, however, because the stripes would bleed if they got wet. I'd love to have a pair in white and navy!

The model on the cover photo is Martha Boss, wearing confetti dot gloves and diagonal stripes, both by Crescndoes. Her hat is by Lilly Dache, and was made with white belting with a tiny rolled brim. Price? $65.50 in 1952. It was a perfect example of the smaller styled hats popular in 1952 -- the were made to cling to the side of the head. (I suspect that there was a hand model involved in the cover as well, since the hands look too odd to be Martha's.) Martha was considered a top bridal model during this time span, so she must've been accustomed to millinery of all kinds.


  1. I have to say , my favorite gloves are the striped ones too.
    Gloves make the outfit look even more ellegant, it would be nice if this fashion will come again.

  2. I love the first pair as well as the "bird in hand" pair.