Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Fall has come to Indiana, and there's a chill in the air. It's my goal this year to find a great coat, because in the wintertime, people see you in your coat all the time, so you should feel fabulous. My current coat was a gift from my hubby, who is a painter. It's nice, and warm, and comfy, but it's had it's time.

I want to find (of course) a red coat. I can fully see myself wearing this one, especially view 1. Note that this coat has bracelet length sleeves, to accommodate the gloves that were all but mandatory -- I'm really shocked that the pattern doesn't show the women with lovely gloves on, but I do like that hat.

The wedding ring collar is beautiful, and I must say that although I'm not a fur person, the illustration is beautiful with the leopard trim. These days, it would have to be faux, since the big cats have been illegal to sell since the early 70s. So I'm sticking to View 1, in red wool and jeweled buttons -- and a fabulous hat.

From, most likely, 1962 (pattern is not dated)


  1. Yep, that pattern has an early 60's look. It reminds me of Jackie Kennedy and her very chic look. Red sounds perfect, it's my favorite color.

  2. I had a store-boughten coat (probably Wards) very similar to this -- in a big splashy purple plaid, from around 1964. But I loved it. I remember wearing it at Easter once (spring can still be quite chilly in Washington DC suburbs!)