Saturday, August 15, 2009

A quick note

I emailed a local columnist a few weeks ago. She writes an antiques and collectibles column for the Indianapolis Star. I asked her if she would write a column about vintage sewing patterns, so that we could hopefully help preserve some of these little treasures. Nothing irks me more than hearing of patterns being thrown in the trash!

She wrote a lovely column that you can read here, complete with an interview from yours truly. Enjoy!

And don't throw away your patterns, please. Pass them along to someone who loves them. Like me. (The one shown here is from 1956. Sadly, it's sold.)


  1. Pretty one! So ellegant! oh, I was going to ask you, how can I find you in Face book? because I've tryed but I can't.

  2. Search for Vintage Fashion Library. That's our fan page. For me personally, search for Lisa Utter. :-)

  3. Oh no, the link to the story no longer works. Can you give me the name of the author or the title of the story so I can search for it? Thanks!

  4. Well darn! It's been in the Indianapolis Star, and now in the paper in Wilmington, DE. I can't find an active link to either one, as they've been archived. It was written by Lynn Hopper.