Saturday, August 22, 2009

Once in a lifetime...........

I think that the text on this one, from the Christmas Delineator, 1933, says it perfectly:

"A once in a lifetime negligee, one of those things you don't wear commonly, but love to own and take on visits to impress your hostess. It should be made of velvet in a rich shade, or of honey coloured crepe, like that charming one, that we shall never forget, worn by Sally Bates, in Bye Bye Again (stage version, not movie). Except for these sleeves, which are nicer, this is very like that perfectly delicious yellow negligee."

I would so make this in wine colored silk velvet. Or a deep green. I wouldn't wear it on a romantic evening though -- one might strangle oneself trying to get out of it, bringing an entirely new meaning of "to die for." This is a "practice removing it gracefully" garment. Stunning!


  1. What pattern is this? I want!!!

  2. It's Butterick 5413. Sadly, I've never seen the actual pattern -- this is from the catalog.