Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miss Irvington Halloween Festival

We live in a historical area of Indianapolis. I just read in the paper today that they plan to have a neighborhood pageant this fall, and crown the first Miss Irvington Halloween Festival.

Apparently, some years ago there was a pageant to crown Miss Eastgate. Eastgate was a mall nearby that was a hub of activity, back in the day. It's since closed, and is considered by most to be a hugely overlooked gem, real estate wise. Perhaps someday someone will reopen it, but meantime, the only place Miss Eastgate exists is in memories, and in photos like this one. Sadly, no one knows who these girls are, or even from what year the photo was, though they are calling it 1962 (and are likely right).

Miss Eastgate candidates each represented a store in the area, like Wasson's and the like, which I think is adorable. I would have worn the second candidate's dress, in blue, with matching pumps, and gloves with tiny cutouts around the wrist. I love the first dress too, but what color do you think it was? I keep seeing pink, but that might be too sweet (even though I love pink). I think it would be adorable in yellow, but most people can't carry off yellow that well. I'm not raving about her gloves though, as they look a bit ill fitting, and too heavy for the lightness of the dress' fabric. I would've worn mesh gloves, but maybe that's just me.

In either event, Miss Irvington Halloween Festival has an interesting twist: each girl has to design and wear her own Halloween costume. That's pretty tricky -- do you go for Malibu Barbie, or go goth and go home? Interesting. There's a $500 scholarship on the line, so I'd put some thought into it. What would you wear?

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