Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fake Fur - 1963

Ten years before the Endangered Species Act, fake fur was already coming to the forefront. Whether or not you agree with the concept of wearing fur (I personally don't, and wouldn't, but to each his own), I do find the vintage fur fashions interesting.

By this point, in 1963, fake fur had been popular for several years, but never did it look so wild as this beginning-of-the-sexual-revolution layout shows. Sadly, my scanner can only catch so much of this interestingly layered two page layout, but here are a few details:

  • At left, you can just see the edge of a thickly piled belted dress by Cabana - $55
  • The leg seen in the lower left is that of a pair of ocelot pants by Loomtogs - $40
  • The lady at the lower left is wearing a pony jacket by Milroy - $18
  • The girl in the black sweater is wearing a crazy quilt skirt made of mixed furs - Loomtogs, $18
  • Behind her is a girl in a foxlike jacket by Claret - $55
  • The Eva Mendes lookalike clutching her knee is wearing a tiger bathing suit and wrap skirt by Cabana - $70
  • The lady in profile wears a civet cat shift.
  • The Eskimo lady at the far right wears a "dirty polar bear" parka from North Bay - $75.
While I have to say that combining a tiger stripe bathing suit with a matching skirt is a bit much, either one on their own, with a black swimsuit or skirt would be fabulous. And civet cat? I'd never actually heard of this one till now, but wow, is it a fabulous dress from a very odd looking animal.

So, fur or no fur, it's interesting to look at, and I learned something along the way too.

Life magazine, August 16, 1963 (incidentally, 14 years to the day before Elvis died)

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