Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dream a little dream for me

It's funny, the things we grow attached to, in the course of our lifetime. When I was five, I was really attached to my tricycle. I still have, on the highest shelf of my closet, the acrylic 80s sweater that I wore the night I met my husband. I'll never get rid of it.

I get pretty attached to some of my patterns too. At one point, if you'd looked at my desk, you would've seen a beautiful 50s ball gown pattern, way too small to ever fit me, but so beautiful that I just propped it up on my desk, as some kind of mascot. It was a beautiful thing to behold. The illustration showed the dress in blue, which normally isn't my favorite color, but was perfect for this particular gown.

I've had several pieces like that. I had a mauve 40s bridesmaid gown that I hated to part with: the dusty rose color reminded me of a wedding where I'd been a bridesmaid when I was twenty or so, and the bodice reminded me of my own wedding gown. The pleated tulle skirt was reminiscent of my mom's dress. I felt really happy when I saw it, but alas, it had to find a home somewhere else, so off to the UK it went.

This dress is my current love. I love the Titanic era fashions, so when I look at this pattern, I just sigh, and dream of it in ivory. I would, of course, wear a fabulous hat, as well as a string of garnets around my neck, and a small silk bag hanging from my wrist. I might even have a small parasol. ::sigh:: You might think I take it too far, but it's my little transport to Happyland. What's yours?

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