Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sacony suits, 1952

I had one Sacony suit in the past. I did not look like this! This is the height of 50s glamour. From Life Magazine, 1952. Impeccable tailoring, and the styling is perfect.


  1. Oh!!!! LOVELY Suit!! I wanna one like that!
    The first time I ordered some vintage patterns from 50's I was so excited and showed them to my husband.....but he asked me "And, is your waist look like that?" ..."OF COURSE NOT!! but I'm gonna wear something to make it the smallest I can"

    Is the same with these suits, I want them BUT I would like to look like those models! hahahaha

  2. Those suits are divine, but I'd love to see and get my hands on the girdles that were underneath!