Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hurry up and get here

Anyone who's handled many vintage sewing patterns knows that you can find interesting bits of history inside them. Legend is that many ladies hid their "mad" money inside the envelopes, though I've never found any. I keep hoping....

I have found lots of snippets of fabric, buttons, and newspaper clippings. I once found a WW2 love letter that was so sweet, it almost brought me to tears. But this particular pattern really made me stop and think.

When I got it, it was in the original mailing envelope. In our moving of the store, it's somehow gotten separated from it, but I'm sure it's going to show up soon. The envelope was from Vogue, of course, and was address to Miss So-and-So, and marked as Rush. Almost fifty years later, this pattern is still in factory folds. This got me thinking.

What made Miss S0-and-So order this pattern (in 1959, btw), and what made her order it as a Rush? Did she have an event to go to? Was the weather changing, requiring a new coat? Did she have a new job? Then take it a step further and ask, why did she never sew it? Did she break an engagement? Was there a horrible accident? What would make her rush it, then not sew it?

This pattern intrigues me like none other. What do you think?


  1. How interesting!I would love to know to... Your job sounds the best! Do you handle just patterns in a store or online?

  2. Love this. I've found snippets of fabric, newspaper, buttons and other items. At first, I'd simply throw the items in the trash. I know. It's sad. Good thing I was like throwing away a bit of history and glimpses into someones life during a time gone by.

    P.S. Beautiful pattern.


  3. Oh! I would like to know too!!
    The coat is beutiful!
    Well, I think this might happened:
    As she was gonna get married on december during holydays, she wanted to sew it for the honeymoon, as her fiance used to work in another town,he decided to drive to their hometown, but it was winter, it was snowing...and he had a car accident.
    When the pattern arrived to her didn't arrived alone, it came with a telegraph that said her lover had died.
    She was sos sad that she forgot to sew it and just kept in in a drawer as a memory and a remind of her dead love, she never got married , but her siblings never let her alone.
    Years passed, one day she died, the grandchildren of their siblings were cleaning up her house, they found the patter and tought it was not worth to keep it, so they made a garage sale, someone saw this patter and bought it, years passed and this person sold it, and so on till it arrived to your hands and made you wonder about its history and story.

    Or perhaps when she got it she just put it with all the other sewing projects she had and as me she said "I'm gonna do it later" and she never did it!!

    Hahahahahahaha well, this is what I think.
    p.s. Forgive my spelling mistakes =)

  4. I love it, Lizzy! And Morgan, I sell online, though one day I'd love to have a brick and mortar shop. Some day.....