Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's Word

Today's word is haughty. Certainly not because I'm haughty -- I'm as down to earth as they come. It's today's word because I just like the sound of it, and the vision it invokes.

We don't see a lot of haughtiness nowadays. Today's women tend to complain, or clutch their pearls, but haughty? Not usually. Of course, I don't travel with the upper crust, who I'm sure probably do still have the skills, but the new money girls like Paris or the Kardashians? Not so much. Maybe the closest thing I see on TV would be the Loreal commercials where the girl claims she's worth it -- at least that's some modicum of haughty.

Haughty means "how dare you." It means "if looks could kill, you would no longer be here." Haughty means "you are beneath me and my daughter, you hapless boor." It's not a pretty thing, and certainly not a trait that we covet, but there's something to be said for haughty.

I see haughty girls on the pattern envelopes every now and again. It's usually Vogue or Modes Royale, like this one, but if you go back far enough, you can even find haughty on an occasional Simplicity pattern -- usually with the Haughty One wearing a hat. So today, let's get in touch with our inner Haughty -- not hottie, lest you be confused. Put on a great dress and maybe a fine little hat, throw your shoulders back and show the world you're worth it!

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