Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Show me the money!

I had an email last night from a charming girl who is interested in scholarships for Fashion Design. Having a daughter who is starting college in the fall, I can truly feel her pain. College isn't cheap these days, and everyone is on the lookout for help. My daughter is going to major in Zoology, and even with her animal activism from a very young age, it can be hard to find scholarships for a specific area of interest.

The student who wrote me sounds talented -- she's going to cadet teach Fashion Design next year, and designed her own prom dress -- wish I'd asked for pictures, darn it -- so I referred her to The Costume Society of America and USITT. Does anyone else have any suggestions on somewhere that offers budding designers some cash to help them follow their dream?

Of course, all of this talk of designing makes me think of Project Runway, which seems to have finally worked through their legal issues and will be back this summer. I can't wait, because this girl can't ever get enough of Tim Gunn and his proteges, making it work. And while we're waiting, if anyone knows of fashion design scholarships, let me know, and I'll pass the info along to my contact, and give YOU a free pattern. Maybe she'll design something fabulous, like the dress shown above. Click the image to shop.

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