Monday, April 27, 2009

The lost art of the slip

Girls these days just don't know what they are missing in the lingerie department: slips. If you asked my daughter, she probably didn't know what a slip was till she was at least 12, and still probably doesn't see the sense in one. And mention that "it's snowing down south," and they will have absolutely NO clue what you're talking about. Well, I say it's time to resurrect the slip.

Sure, we've seen Courtney Love and even Kurt Cobain perform wearing a slip as outerwear. We've seen Madonna dancing around singing "Like a Prayer" wearing a red slip. But what about the slip as an undergarment, worn as intended?

I'll admit, when I was little, I just hated wearing slips. They just felt like they got in my way, didn't fit right, or just made me overly hot. But then when I think about all the times I saw my mom rushing around in her slip to get ready for church, it makes my heart warm. You see, we were a zipped up family -- you didn't show yourself at breakfast in a nightgown. You had to have your bathrobe on and zipped all the way up. Imagine what a difference it was to see Mom getting prepared for an evening out, doing her makeup while wearing her slip.

And silky? The older slips feel nothing like modern ones, that always snag and feel rough. The old slips could've convinced Linus to switch from a blanket to a slip, that's for sure. I could tell a vintage slip from a modern one with my eyes closed, just by feel. There's just no comparison. So if you want to harken back to your younger years, or just bring up some memories, buy a slip -- or make one, because it's not hard. It'll bring a smile to your face, guaranteed.


  1. Lovely post and I love your patterns.

  2. does anyone sell them online? (newly made, but vintage style)