Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Drumming

Every year, Indianapolis sponsors a celebration of Earth Day on the Saturday closest to the actual day. Held downtown, it's a fun day of finding out ways to help out the planet. My youngest son plays in a drum group that has performed at the Earth Day celebration for three years running. I love listening to them play there, especially because they get to play with Village Drums, the local adult group who can really rock a beat. If you've never been to hear a drum circle perform, try it. It's amazing.

Highlights of the day (besides the actual performance) were:
  • Hubby seeing a guy with the longest dreadlocks I'd ever seen -- and I've been around the block a time or two. He kept swearing that the guy was George Clinton, which was a definite possibility, since he lives here locally and
  • the moment when the guy next to me rolled off his chair and did a face plant right onto my foot. Rather shocked me, but he seemed nonplussed when I rolled him over and asked if he was ok. "Oh yeah," he said, "I have arthritis." I never did quite understand that, but he didn't seem shook up about it, so we hung around for a while to make sure he was fine, then moved along.
I came home with two trees -- one is a cypress that needs ground much different than our yard, so we'll have to find it a happier home. The other is a white pine, which we can hopefully find a place for in our yard. All in all, a nice way to celebrate the earth, and enjoy a beautiful day in Indianapolis, and to wear a dress like this one , which I strongly suspect is the same one I made in my sophomore year of high school. Nowadays, I'd have to tuck some smelling salts into the pocket, to revive errant men who want to take naps on my feet. Click the image to shop.

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